Oil & Gas Well Assessments

Some states require the performance of Baseline Groundwater Studies – the testing of water wells near a proposed Oil or gas exploration site to assess existing groundwater quality prior to the initiation of hydrofracuting operations. Texas does not...Yet.

Hydrofracturing in Texas – Statistics

  • 1 million wells drilled in Texas
  • 70 million barrels of oil
  • 13% increase oil natural gas reserves due to US shale gas
  • 3 – 6 million gallons of water used per well
  • Oil shales over one mile deep
  • Hydrofacturing first used in Texas – George Mitchell 1986 (first developed in the 1950's)
  • Developed fractures extend towards the surface 800 feet to 1900 feet in length

Public Perception Of Fracking

Public perception of fracking is not positive to say the least. They worry about leaky well casings, and how fractures could impact an aquifer or personal well. They worry about compounds hazardous to the environment and the water supply. They worry about water from their well tasting bad from the nearby oil exploration activities.

With so much risk to the bottom line, as well as the safety of oilfield workers and surrounding communities, can you afford to not stay informed?

We can help you be proactive in the safety of local environments and workers through the management of:

  • Water Management
  • Surface spills and response
  • Stray Gas Assessment
  • Worker Health and Safety
  • Baseline Groundwater Testing
  • Air Pollution

How We Assist This Process

TSI can reduce or eliminate unsubstantiated claims of groundwater contamination from oil/gas exploration activities through the performance of a Baseline Groundwater Study composed of:

  • Collection of groundwater samples from selected water wells and water bodies
  • Selective chemical analysis for methane, ethane, arsenic, TDS, NORM, organic chemicals, pH, cations/anions, petroleum hydrocarbon.
  • Diagnostic chemical analysis if chemicals are confirmed to help identify sources: Isotopic analysis (C12/C13/C14 and H1 and H2), neutron, iron manganese, VOC's and SVOC's.
  • Tests for specific Hydro-fracturing fluid components.
  • Reports with findings and analytical results.

Terrain Solutions Inc. has over ten years experience in performing oilfield assessments, and we are trusted by the City of Houston, oil companies, and pipeline companies. We pride ourselves on being both reasonable and professional, providing our clients with true value for their investment.