Welcome To Terrain Solutions

Terrain Solutions, Inc. (TSI) staff professionals have more than 40 years of combined experience providing environmental and geologic services to both the public and private sectors in the Houston Metropolitan Area, as well as across Texas and the Upper Gulf Coast.

TSI’s environmental services include Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), oil and gas field ESAs, spill prevention and countermeasure control, underground storage tank assessments, remedial investigations and feasibility studies and site remediation. Our expertise lies with the analysis of an impacted property and the unique ability to offer solutions to the client that can meet the client and lender's needs. Our geologic services include surface fault investigations, groundwater impact studies for construction projects, expansive soil investigations, and slope and stream bank stability studies as well as the siting of critical and major facilities. TSI is a vital resource for companies developing properties and offers an array of services to firms searching for ways to maximize investment and minimize risk.

Fault Studies

A natural hazard, surface faults adversely affect structures of all types. Identification prior to development can minimize the financial effect on builders and developers. TSI Associate Richard G. Howe, P.G., C.P.G., is an expert in surface fault investigations along the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana and has mapped and studied many of the more than 350 faults crisscrossing the Houston Metropolitan Area. learn more

Environmental Site Assessments

Mandated by "good business sense," Environmental Site Assessments (ESA's) are performed for almost all commercial land transactions. Providing "due diligence" protection to owners when properly done, ESA's ascertain whether any past or present usage of a site warrants an enforced environmental cleanup.

ESA's are conducted in three phases. It is not necessary for all assessments to begin with Phase I, and no two assessments should be the same. learn more